Headteacher / Principal Performance Management

Do your Governors seek external professional and qualified expertise for setting, agreeing, reviewing and evaluating the performance management of your Headteacher/ Principal?

Are you able to demonstrate how you hold your Headteacher / Principal accountable for the school / academy improvement agenda?

We can provide your school support for setting, agreeing and reviewing the performance management of your Headteacher / Principal.

Governing Bodies are required under the Performance Management Regulations for Headteachers to take external advice when setting and agreeing the performance management of Headteachers / Principals. Governing bodies and Headteachers / Principals value the detached, professional insight an external perspective can provide as well as the rigour it adds to the process. However, many Headteachers / Principals and Governing Bodies have said it is often difficult to find a suitable external person who can provide independent advice on the performance of the Headteacher / Principal.

We can provide Governors with impartial and external expertise from an education professional who is a former Headteacher / Principal and practising school inspector.  You can be certain that they will provide you with the confidence that there is appropriate balance between challenge and support for your Headteacher / Principal.

The service includes:

Review and Analyse


Who will you work with?

Reviews are undertaken by our School Leadership Partners, who are highly skilled, experienced senior education leadership professionals, and are also practising school inspectors.

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