Message from the Executive Director


Welcome to our website.  My name is Andrew Warren and I am the Executive Director of the Manor Teaching School Alliance (MTSA).

I became an NQT (probationary teacher as it was then!) in 1985.  The world of education then in the 1980s, as with almost every other world, is unrecognisable from that of today.  Everything has changed; well almost.  Children are still children.  They still need our love, support, challenge and the ability to see not just what they are, but also what they could become.  Children are at the forefront of everything that we do at Manor.  That, and helping staff at all stages to grow and be part of schools which provide an excellent all-round education to our children.

Manor Primary Academy is the lead school for MTSA, an alliance which has worked with over 100 schools.  In partnership with several other outstanding schools and educational organisations, the Alliance is committed to working with others to improve teaching and learning.

As teaching schools take up the mantle of leading the school-led system in this rapidly changing educational landscape, here at Manor, we are really clear about what we are doing, and more importantly why.  This is best summed up in the Teaching School Council’s vision: “Every child in a great school.”  Our aim and our vision is to play our part in making this happen in this region.  I hope that you find the contents of this website useful and interesting.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Warren
Executive Director of Manor Teaching School

Manor Teaching School

Ettingshall Road, Coseley,
West Midlands WV14 9UQ
Telephone: 01902 556460

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